1. 25th February 2012

The English version of the website is on-line. I therefore hope to receive many visits also from outside Italy!

  1. 17th October 2011

I am putting in three new works of the water genre. Two can be seen in the “Landscapes” section and one in the “Nudes” section. In the latter picture, the human and sanguine material is introduced. In fact, I have gone from the water element to the element that calls to mind human tissues.

  1. 12th August 2011

I am happy to show three more pictures, one in the “Landscapes” section and two in the  “Nudes” section, that I did in July. As can be clearly seen, I have a preference, in this period, for the water element.

  1. 22nd June 2011

I am pleased to announce that on Saturday, 2nd July 2011, at 6 p.m. at the “Danza y Vida” Cultural Club there will be a performance called “Nascite” (“Births”), with Antonella Peresson’s pictures. Don’t miss it!

  1. 21st June 2011

The work for a first look at my website has come to an end, at last.

I invite you to browse through it and in case, contact me as indicated under “Contacts”. Enjoy it! :-)

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